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We offer the below range of services :

Design Consultancy 

A holistic design scope involving the consideration of site conditions, the Client's brief, working in team with branding consultants, engineers, licensing and marketing consultants :

Space Planning
Façade Design

Concept Design

Detailed Design

Tender Package

Site Coordination 

Design & Build 

A fully integrated solution involving our specialists, team of consultants and builders to design and execute works in the most transparent manner. We provide a cost breakdown for the Client to evaluate the scope, that can include :

Builders Work

Branding, Signage

Procurement of : 

Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E) 

Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E)

Arts & Accessories


While each project is considered unique, some elements are key to formulate an accurate response and define what the Client really requires :

Brief & Scope of Work 

Feasibility Studies for Space Planning

Target Budget

Target Timeline

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