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Hong Kong
Sopexa Office Atelier Shan Interior Design

Sopexa Hong Kong

Project : Office
Location : Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Sopexa Hong Kong

Project : Office
Location : Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

“Creating a sense of home in the office is my main priority.”


-  Sopexa managing director 


“Because we have a lot of material and equipment for events, it is critical the office offers modular storage but also ample spaces to gather.”

The design was based on offering an open, loft-style layout, with enough flexibility to cater for formal meetings, workshops, presentations or even playing video games.


Antique white-painted walls, exposed concrete flooring and walnut wood furniture runs throughout to bring continuity to a mix of workspaces with desks, break out spaces and a meeting room. Curtains and rattan furniture and lampshades add warmth, humanity and a sense of locality. Other homey details are dotted throughout the office, including a large sofa, rugs, vintage table lamps and cushions by the window. 

Employees can work from their desks, at the high bar table or at the sitting room. There is also a small room, acoustically treated, suited to private calls or quiet work.

Photos : @ateliershan

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