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Hong Kong

Central Minds

Project : Private Clinic
Location : Central, Hong Kong

Inserted in a high floor on Duddell Street, Central Minds’ new location surprises/amazes visitors with its crisp, refined interior and the instant sense of home it offers.

Besides the iconic red brick wall emblematic to the brand, the selected finishes are neutral in order to honour and capture the stunning views over the lush mountainside of Hong Kong island. The design aims at making patients feel at ease and supported, matching the prestigious reputation Central Minds has built-up since 2008. The final colour palette was driven by thorough research on colours and their psychological impact on the mind. Shades of blue were brought in to soothe the mind, expressing serenity and peacefulness. 

Inspired by Hong Kong

Tranquil and relaxing, the layout is split in nine airy therapy rooms and spacious corridors, where patients feel sheltered from the busy city. A large reception desk made of ribbed ash wood greets the patients. The waiting area is a comfortable lounge with grey-tone sofas and armchairs, balancing the vibrant red brick reception wall.  The glazed facade provides a soft light throughout the clinic, while offering splendid open views over Central. The therapy rooms are planned along the saw-edged floor plan, each with mountain or city views. With reference to the rich and unique landscape of Hong Kong, the client named each room after mountain trails, giving life to “Dragon’s Back”, “The Twins” or “Lion Rock” rooms, to name a few.


The room finishes are inspired by those of a loving/pleasant home. Laying a timeless base for emotional connection and healing, the choice of furniture provides physical ease and relaxation. Black leather seating brings sleekness and modernity to the space, complemented by colourful plush cushions. Cane coffee tables, rattan accessories, artwork, and indoor plants were carefully selected to bring an organic softness to the space.


Specific attention was given to the acoustics of the clinic. To offer a protective, trustworthy environment, materials and construction details were conscientiously chosen for their qualitative, sustainability and acoustic properties. All the room partitions are wool-filled, double layered gypsum boards, finished with a woven wallpaper. Ceilings are made of suspended Ecophon tiles, a low-VOC, acoustic foam tile made with 57% recycled glass in Sweden.


A genuine sense of wellness reigns in Central Minds, established by a fine balance between neutral finishes and touches of colour, modernity and organic elements. Placing mindfulness to its core, each element of the design is planned around subtlety and simplicity to give space to the mind, while acting as an invisible pillar of reinforcement of mental health.

Photos : Tracy Wong Photography @tracywongphoto

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