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Soho House Interior Design

Soho HouseHong Kong

Project : Restaurant | Gym | Private Club
Location : Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
soho house hong kong

Design By : Soho House Design

Role : In-House Principal Architect

Inspired by the city’s grain, Soho House Hong Kong was designed to capture the various and beautiful facets of Hong Kong. Unlike typical Soho Houses, the different programmes are stacked vertically, creating a complex but rich experience.


Club spaces unfold from the central staircase, inviting members to circulate vertically : from the top pool room for a swim, to the bright, open drawing room for afternoon tea and finally to the events spaces with dramatic colors and British dark oak floors. The design is a soft blend between the rich patterns of the city, Cantonese movies and British mid-century interiors : brick tiles, ceramic tiles, rattan insets, terrazzo tiles, marble and antique brass. Furniture and bars arrangement creates intimate pocket spaces where one can enjoy views of the mountain side or the harbour.


There is a place for all kinds of moods : romance, arts, wellness, work and entertainment with a unique feel though : the feeling of being home .

© Soho House Design

SohoHouse Hong Kong Pool

Wrapped in pink velvet wall covering and featuring a majestic black and gold marble bar,

  the Pink Room is a glamorous space for a drink before screenings. The end grain walnut tile continues from the lift lobby, balanced by two large deco rugs. Oversized rattan chairs with a mix of oriental silk embroidered fabric armchairs create an eclectic mix. 

Large pieces of art add pop accents to the room.  

© Soho House Design

Photos : Amanda Kho Photos @akhokho

SohoHouse Hong Kong Pink Room
SohoHouse Hong Kong Main Bar
SohoHouse Hong Kong Blue Room
SohoHouse Hong Kong Pool Room
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